Climatic chambers for testing samples humidity and temperature

Climatic chamber for test humidity and temperature for your samples


When it comes to temperature control for the surrounding environment, FDM has been trusted for its innovative solutions and machinery since 1949. All the cutting-edge products like different temperature and humidity controlled chambers are designed by company professionals and are tailored according to the clients’ requirements. With professional industrial experience and yielding productivity in the environmental test chamber realisation, the company has been sufficiently skilled for providing customised solutions.

The leading Italian manufacturer FDM brings customised solutions for climatic control like their climatic chamber for material testing. For samples that require testing with care, we’ve got the right solutions with climatic chamber for material and well as humidity and temperature testing.


Test Humidity Climatic chambers and temperature chambers for your lab


With Climate chambers meant for humidity and temperature testing, you can quickly organise the environment according to your requirements. It even became simple with the new touch screen. The temperature and humidity cycles will easily be performed by the automatic regulator in humidity cabinet: testing electric components and concrete/cement testing, accelerated ageing, electronic components and much more.


Cyclical Climatic Chamber – The humidity controlled chamber is ideal for stimulating the natural environment to collect samples. The temperature can reach 70 C with a humidity range of 98%.

Temperature control function with automatic pre-set parameters is vital to get the ideal test climate in humidity test chamber. The simulation is repeatable as per your requirements. The device’s outside and inside is made of stainless steel AISI 304.


Constant Climate Chamber – Constant humidity chamber and temperature can be set up according to work. Anyone who needs a stable environment can consider this temperature control product. For CB series benchtop humidity chamber the temperature control ranges from -25 /+70C, and for CS series this ranges from 0/+70C.

The humidity setting range of the temperature and humidity chamber device is from 10 to 98% in a regulated environment.

More over we can offer Climatic test chambers with illumination together with climatic chambers for material testing.


Testing easly with the new touch screen

Just press on to have full control of your Climate Chamber. The new FDM Touch Screen will let you program your machine at a glance. Set your time simulation block with target temperature and humidity, decide the percentage of illumination, put on it events like water jets. Save your cycles, log the results, be advised in caseof emergency. Tired to program yourself? Find in the new FDM Touch Screen many ready-to-use programs to run your tests according to the Standards. Do you need special programs? Can’t find your Standards of your country? Ask us to set it for you.

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