Window sampling probes

Window sampling tube

Window and windowless sampling can be used in all soil conditions for undisturbed samples.


Window sampling tube with inner liner

Closed core sampler with PE sample tubes.


Lengtht: 1000 mm


Diameters: 45 and 63 mm

Percussion drilling set with impact hammer

Percussion drilling set with window samplers for heterogeneous soils with gasoline powered percussion hammers


Enables to access even most difficlut terrain places !

Percussion drilling set with dynamic penetrometer

Percussion drilling set for heterogeneous soils with dynamic probing penetrometer DPSH


Universal and comfortable device for soil investigation

Slit sampling tube

Slit (piston) sampler for soil profile analysis and soil sampling


Available diameters:

22, 32 and 36 mm

Rescue extraction device for rods

Rescue tool for pulling out from the soil the collapsed rods 32 or 36 mm


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