Static penetrometer - basic module

The cone penetration test (CPT) is performed using a cylindrical penetrometer with a conical tip (cone) penetrating the ground at a constant rate. During the penetration, the forces on the cone and the friction sleeve are measured. The measurements are carried out with analog read-out or using electronic transfer and data logging, with a measurement frequency that can secure detailed information about the soil conditions.


The Static penetrometer is available with 50, 100, 150 or 200 kN thrust.  The maximum effective pushing capacity of the CPT penetrometer rig depends on the effectiveness of the anchoring the framework.


The device is designed for the installation on customer's own vehicle.


The CPT penetrometer can be also equipped with CPTU or SCPTU piezocone allowing to measure the insitu pore pressure and therefore it will be suitable for dissipation testing as well. All parameters are measured continuously.

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