CPTU or SCPTU cone

G1-CPLS D piezocone is the latest release of equipment to perform SCPTU geotechnical survey. It contains all the modern technology and the knowledge.

The built in sensors are able to measure during the penetration, the following parameters:

– Qc (Tip resistance)
– Fs (sleeve friction)
– U (pore water pressure)
– Inclination (XY)
– Rate of penetration
– Temperature

All the cones are equipped with a seismic accelerometer, that allows to perform seismic survey with the Vs30 calculation.

The whole system is composed by:

– G1-CPLS D [Digital piezocone] – D1-CPL Blue [Bluetooth acquisition unit] – G1-EST CPL Blue [Bluetooth extensometer to measure the rate of penetration] – High resistant cable to connect G1-CPLS D and D1-CPL Blue
– Data acquisition software [developed in LabView environment] – Accessories to adapt the system to all the kind of pushing system

The system does not require any several modification of the pushing system. Generally the only thing to do is to mount the G1-EST blue just below the beam that holds the pistons.

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