Rods and Begemann cone for CPT

The mechanical jacket cone (also called the Begemann cone) is used for CPT testing and is suitable for measuring the cone resistance (qc) and the local friction (fs).

The CPT cone is manufactured out of quality tool steel, hardened and tempered.

The Begemann cone is designed for mechanical discontinuous CPT testing in accordance with the relevant national and international standards.


CPT sounding tubes are used to push the electrical or mechanical cone into the ground by means of a CPT static penetrometer. The used standard is 36 mm hollow tube with 15 mm inner rode.

All type of tubes are suitable for any pushing force and for any type of test, i.e. electrical or mechanical Cone Penetration Testing.

The CPT rods are available with the various threads according to the customer requirement:

  • STANDARD (STD) Tapered Thread
  • QUICK-LOCK (QLK) Double-Entry Rope Thread
  • AR Tapered Rope Thread
  • 2R Tapered Rope Thread
  • Gouda Heavy Duty (GHD) thread

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