Dynamic probing rig DPH, DPM, DPL with hydraulic extruder

In 2019 year we introduced to our offer range a very modern, top quality dynamic probing rig on the rubber crawler with built-in hydraulic extruder.


The penetrometer is capable of conducting the dynamic probing test DPH, DPM and DPL.


Please see the short video presenting the device at work.


Drilling rig for geology soil testing

Just at the end of very busy 2019 year, we delivered to one of our customer, the brand new, strong and solid geology drilling rig on the crawler.


We are very glad that we can fulfill our customer requiremements and the user satisfaction is the best award for our efforts !


The hydraulic driven rubber crawler from top manuacturer, the robust mast, best quality components ensure the effective work of the device.


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