About us

The company was established in 2007 by the most recognized manufacturer of geology equipment in that was founded in 1934 year - The Drilling and Geology Instruments.

We continue the almost 90 years of fascinating family tradition in 3rd generation and develop our business as a trusted and responsible business partner for the customers from Poland , Europe and many countries in the world.


Our mission is to deliver high quality, durable testing equipment for geotechnics, soils, aggregates, asphalt and concrete. We focus on our professional advice and support for our customers.

          We base our activity on many years of experience, trust of our partners
          and well-established relations with the customers.


          Our range of devices consist of:                                       

          - all types of dynamic penetrometers

          - geotechnics in-situ equipment, soil drilling sets and probes

          - soil testing devices for road and buildings
(f.e. to measure bearing capacity)

          - laboratory equipment for soil, aggregates, bitumen,

             concrete and cement testing

          - static penetrometer CPT/CPTu/SCPTu, DMT dilatometer

          - water probing devices




          We co-operate with Polish Geology Institute  and other technical institutions.
          Our equipment is used commonly all around Poland, including the universities, high-schools, top geotechnical and road construction companies.


          We represent on Polish market many known brands for testing soils and other materials equipment.


          We participate on regular basis in the branch trade fairs and most
          important events.



          We are looking for the potential trade partners in Europe as well in the whole world.

                                        Please feel welcome on our website !

Our partners: