Air content meter for fresh concrete

Air fresh content meter 8l

Air content tester for testing the air pore content of fresh concrete.

Acc to:

  • DIN 1048, Part 1
  • DIN EN 12350-7
Air Entrainment Meter 1 Liter

for determining the pore volume in fresh mortar according to

  • DIN 18 555,
  • DIN EN 1015-7,
    Issue Dec. 1998
  • EN 459, Part 2
Air Entrainment Meter 0.75 Liter

For determining the pore volume of plaster and wall ties.

According to: EN 413, Part 2 and EN 459

Air fresh content meter

Laboratory device is designed for measuring the air pore content of fresh concrete according to the standard EN 12 350 - 7


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