Light Drop-Weight Tester HMP Pro

HMP LFGpro - Light Weight Deflectometer for uncomplicated bearing capacity tests and compaction control of soils. The latest and most modern model LFG Pro (5th generation) is now available !

Please take a look at specification table, why to choose the latest model.


Determination of bearing capacity and compaction quality of soil and non-cohesive subbases is fast, reliable and precise.


Areas of application:

- road and railway construction, earthworks

- quality assurance in canal construction

- compaction control in pipe trenches

- testing of pavement beddings and foundation backfill


according to TP BF-StB B 8.3 issue 2012, ASTM E2835-11 (USA standard) and UNE 103807-2:2008 (Spanish standard)


unbeatably easy to use, small, portable and precise, with an extra large illuminated display, USB-Port, GPS and Printer Connection, simplest operation, displaying measuring curve during the measurement, very robust and splashproof


Due to the easy handling and the immediately available measurement results, the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG is especially suitable for in-house self-monitoring

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