Soil penetrometer - hand auger set

Manual augers for soil drilling

Augers for manual soil drilling for geology / geotechnical applications


Made by blacksmith


Over 80  years of own workshop tradition !

Geology hand auger drilling set

Multi-part expandable drill set for taking soil samples up to 10-12 meters depth.


The most durable quality due to traditional blacksmith technology

Hand auger set - light

Light auger set is used to carry out manual drilling, sampling, and investigation.


It is suitable for hand-operated augering up to 5-8 metres depth in heterogeneous soils.

Casing tubes for auger drilling

Casing tubes are designed to use during soil penetration with manual or mechanical augers set in order to seperate the drilling hole from exisiting water in the soil.

Casing tubes PCV

Casing tubes for manual auger set


Designed for soil drilling and sampling under the ground-water level or in non-cohesive soils, in order to avoid collapsing of the borehole.


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