Soil penetrometer and drilling rig

Drilling rig for geology/geotechnics application

Small or medium size drilling rig on the crawler for geotechnical and geology soil investigation

Drilling rig for geology soil testing - for vehicle

Soil testing in environmental and geotechnical applications.


Rotary drilling rig with flight augers

Optionally with dynamic probing or core sampling

Geotechnical drilling and probing rig

Geotechnical drilling and probing multifunctional rig 


Designed for a wide range of soil investiatiation tests including drilling, dynamic probing and sampling

Soil investigation rig

The most versatile small soil investigation rig for geology and geotechnics application.


Dynamic probing DPL, DPM, DPH and DPSH (SPT), rotary drilling and hammering the window samplers

Drilling rig

Professional drilling rig on the crawler


Direct rotary drilling

Dry drilling with casings

Drilling with hollow stem auger

Down-the-hole-hammer drilling

Spiral flight augers for soil drilling

Solid flight augers (single-coil spiral augers) for rotary soil drilling


For all types of mechanical drilling rigs


Full range of diameters


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