Rod extruders - manual and hydraulic

Manual rod extractors with clamping jaws

Manual rod pullers with clamping jaws mechanism


For 22 mm rods used in DPL dynamic probing

Manual rod extractor with fixed ball clamp mechanism

Manual rod puller with ball clamp


One or doube arm mechanism


For 22 mm rods used in DPL probings

Manual rod extractor with ball clamp

Manual rod puller with separate ball clamp


Ball clamps are in range:

22-36 mm and 36-50 mm


For DPL, DPM, DPH and DPSH probing

Clamping jaws for rods

Special type of clamps (exchangable diameters) for rods and samplers extruding from the ground during geological investigations

Hydraulic rod extractor for rods and samplers

Light and mobile hydraulic rod extractor for light dynamic probing (10kg)


Used in road, pavement and foundation backfill up to 5-8 meters soil investigation depth

Hydraulic rod extruder SZ

Hydraulic rod extractor SZ is used for rods pulling during dynamic probings


In conjunction with appropriate ball clamp (in range between 22 and 80 mm) it can support all types of dynamic probings

Hydraulic rod extruder SZE

Automatic hydraulic rod puller


With silent electric engine


Available with various diameter ball-clamps


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